Courses What is the scope in india for fashion designing?

What is the scope in india for fashion designing?

Considered as one of the best paying industry today, a career in Fashion Design has become
famous among creative minds. Popularly conceived as a glamorous field, the domain has cut-throat
competition and vast challenges as well. However, there is wide scope of Fashion Design in India as
well as abroad. Students have innumerable choices in front of them after completing their
professional studies in Fashion Design. The fashion designers have varied options including
designing, research, cloth production, textile designing, etc. They may join fashion
houses/manufacturing/export units for a paid job or launch their own label in market.
The horizon of Fashion Design is not limited to garments only; it covers several other aspects like
accessories, jewellery, footwear, etc. as well. Maxx Academy explores here the expanding scope and
opportunities in the exciting and thrilling field of Fashion. Read below to know the role of
designers along with some lucrative job profiles in the fashion world.

Fashion Designer:
Creating new products with regard to the latest trends prevailing in the market, the designers are
key players in the fashion industry. If you are creative enough to think out of the box and hard-
working to handle the pressure positively, then you will be suitably rewarded in terms of good
earnings and incentives.

Fashion Illustrator:
This person is responsible for preparing primary sketches of what the fashion designer desires and
explains. An illustrator is the running hand of mental creations and ideas of the designer.

Fashion Stylist:
The stylist maintains make up, hairstyle, dress code, etc. in order to ensure the best look of the
show. They take care of look and beauty of the fashion shows or promotional programs.

Fashion Coordinator:
The coordinator takes care of marketing policies and its arrangements. He/she is not related with
the designing task. The responsibilities of advertising products, organizing fashion shows, etc. lie
with the coordinator.

Fashion Consultant:
A consultant in fashion industry should be aware of trends and transitions in the domain, and
should have knowledge about fashion designing as well. They regularly offer ideas regarding
development of a product. He/she is required to be an active observer who is sensitive to the
changing vogues.

Fashion Merchandiser:
A merchandiser has primary responsibility of marketing. Analysing past and latest trends and sales
data is among the major key deliverables. He/she collects details from buyers, and coordinates
with the designers/production team for development of product that meets the market
requirement. Having know-how of fashion trends, fabrics, textures, hues, etc. along with
understanding of market demand and production procedures is required from a fashion
Growing fashion industry has a positive impact on the economy because of expanding
opportunities. Fashion Design has become one of the most sought-after career options among
students after passing class 12. The reason is its broad scope that promises hefty salary along with
exhilarating work environment.

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