Boutique Management

Want to open your own boutique?

Boutique management s the course which tackles the fundamentals of Fashion Designing and managing a small scale business establishment. Students are put through a course syllabus comprised of studies in fabrics, ornamentation and garment construction along with the implementation of design and marketing their brands.

Boutique Management courses are apt to train future professionals interested in a career in design as well as marketing in Fashion industry. One can succeed as a boutique entrepreneur after earning this diploma.

As you enroll into this course, you will be taught about the preparation of apparel initially. Gradually you will be exposed to the founding principles of designing, collection and application of textiles. As the learners proceed through the course, they get to know about the application of latest hands-on skills while learning about creative design. They are also taught about commercial aspects of Fashion design.

Boutique Management Courses

  • 6 Months short term certificate course in Boutique Management.
  • 1 Year Diploma in Boutique Management.
  • 18 Months Advanced Diploma in Boutique Management.