Specialized Courses,Traditional Courses What Are the Benefits of Fashion Merchandising?

What Are the Benefits of Fashion Merchandising?

Entry-level fashion merchandising positions are available in any community large enough to have a shopping mall. This equals widespread opportunity across the nation for trained fashion merchandisers to locate employment. As a bonus, entry-level jobs often spin in many directions, leading to long and interesting career paths. Industry perks include gratis, fashionable surroundings, insider knowledge, deep discounts and first-hand knowledge of coming trends.


Fashion merchandisers have been trained in the following areas: Manufacturing Basics Clothing Selection Fashion Promotions Trend Prediction Textiles (Fibers & Fabrics) Merchandising Fashion History Fashion Show Production Various Retail Computer Applications Salesmanship With a broad knowledge of fashion from concept to distribution, merchandisers are able to forecast trends, price and mark down merchandise, create visual displays and initiate special promotions.


Professional fashion merchandising positions include: Buyers Merchandise Managers Fashion Coordinators Special Event Coordinators Fashion Director Visual Display Specialists Advertising and Marketing Personnel Retail Department Managers Store Managers Fashion Event Coordinators Consumer Analysts


Further benefits of becoming a fashion merchandiser include seasonal gratis (free merchandise for the purpose of wearing or using), which is often received at least twice a year. Merchandisers also have increased awareness of and opportunity to take part in sample sales, and merchandisers are on the cutting edge of trends via bulletins, training and work environment.

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