We at “Maxx Academy” put an effort to provide industry professionals as faculty to the students.Mr. Mohit Singh
Bachelor in Fashion Technology from NIFT Ahmedabad

Mr. Vaibhav Chaudhary
B.Tech & MBA

Mr.Jagdish Ghai
Garment Technologist & Professor for Pattern making in S.T.E.P in ENGLAND.

Ms.Geeta Ranga
GMT from NIFT, Garment Technologist & Lecturer.


Sr. merchandiser in garment industry.


Freelance Fashion Designer &Lecturer in Fashion design

Mr. Rakesh Verma
M.Sc Fashion design and his own Garment unit.

Ms.Sunita Chawla
Quality manager in Garment industry.

Production Manager in garment industry.

Mr. Rajesh
GMT from NIIFT. Garment Technologist

Mr. Suresh Karua
FD from NIIFT, Garment Technologist, Retail Merchandising Manager.

The Faculty consists of Designers, Merchandisers, Production managers, Garment technologists with excellent academic standards. Visiting lectures from various facets of reputed industries and institutions add to the standard of faculty team. In order to guarantee high quality study program regular quality control meetings are held to analyse input from our faculty and feedback from the students.

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