Apparel Merchandising

Apparel Merchandising

Merchandiser is the interface between Buyer & Exporter. He is the responsible from order analysis to shipment. So Merchandising is the very valuable department in the Apparel Industry. Merchandising is the department which mediates marketing and production departments.

Apparel Merchandising programme at Maxx Academy

Maxx Academy provides you with the specific knowledge and skills required to be successful Merchandiser at Garment Export /Buying houses/  Retail stores.

We give students a complete industry insights by taking them to various visits at garment manufacturing units/ fabric printing units/ fabric traders/ testing labs etc.

The students who wish to enter fashion and clothing industry in administrative side can apply for the program.

The course has been designed to extensively cover the areas on :

  • Merchandising management
  • Production management
  • Quality control
  • Textile studies
  • Costing and TNA planning
  • International marketing
  • Pattern making
Under Apparel Merchandising the institute offers the following courses/programmes
  • Apparel Merchandising One Year Course
  • Fashion Merchandising Two Years Course
  • Apparel Merchandising Six months Course.